What I Look For In Books

As I read more and more, there are few specific things that I have come to look for in books. I feel like I have a hard time reading novels that don’t incorporate any of these. Everyone has preferences. Some people are attracted to wild plots, some like books that reveal and fight against social issues. Common as these preferences are, I am often put off when books rely too heavily on these elements and I think this is why I feel that I have such specific tastes in literature. I think what I appreciate in books is simultaneously deeper and more surface level. Without further ado, here are four aspects that I look for in a book.

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Used Book Sale Haul!

My favorite times of the year are when my local library hosts their used book sales. They are just about heaven! A few weekends of the year, the atrium is filled with tables and tables of books, for only 50 cents or a dollar. Usually, I end up buying books that I have already read but don’t own with a few that I have been meaning to read. This time around, I surprised myself. I have yet to read any of these books (with the exception of one), and I even picked some up that I had never heard of before. So let’s get into it!

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People Kill People – Ellen Hopkins

“Six teens. Six reasons to pull the trigger. Someone will fire. And someone will die” the inside flap reads: straight to the point, in the typical Ellen Hopkins style. This is a story tackling the topic of gun violence, specifically among teenagers. She dives into what causes the desire of gun ownership and most of all what drives people to shoot. The story follows the violence living inside of six teenagers whose lives are interconnected.

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Night and Day – Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf’s second novel, Night and Day, is largely a story focused on love and marriage. It follows the trials of love in pre-World War England of four main characters: the wealthy Katharine Hilbery, poet William Rodney, lawyer Ralph Denham, and suffragist Mary Datchet. The changing of attitude toward the institution of marriage and what it means to love are brought to the surface through the story of these young characters.

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